My art journey started in 1996, I looked around our small apartment and all I saw were white walls.  I wanted to put original artwork on them but couldn't afford art so I decided to create my own.  I started with colored pencil then went to use pastel chalk then i combined the two mediums to create a unique style   Over the years i have used pen, ink, oil paint, acrylic paint and watercolor.  In addition to those mediums I love experimenting with digital filters. 

I have lived in Oregon since 1994 and love living near the Pacific ocean, waterfalls, mountains and forests.  There is inspiration all around, I love nature. 

Early on I really wanted to see my artwork on products but it was difficult to get anyone in the licensing industry to notice my artwork.  Years ago I put my artwork on a website so people could view and possibly purchase prints of my artwork.  I discovered someone stole one of my pieces to use as the cover of his album (nobody famous) but i discovered this two years later after we used my art.  This theft of my art really affected me and it took me a long time to start trusting again.  The artwork was sold years prior but I took the original and applied a digital filter to the piece giving it a glowing appearance, I called the artwork (Girl Lost) created using colored pencil and pastel chalk.  This is the digital version.......

I decided not to let fear hold me back and I really want people to see my artwork and one of the best ways is to have a place on the internet so everyone can view the artwork.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork. If you want to view a large collection of my artwork please visit........

Melinda Firestone-White