"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."...William Arthur Ward

On The Farm Artwork


Growing up my family visited my Grandmas farm in Nebraska most summers, I have fond memories. I remember there was an outhouse because my Grandma did not have an indoor bathroom, at night we peed on the porch because we were too afraid to go to the outhouse. The farm was a fun place where there were lots of things to do like playing on a tractor. She had a rooster that woke you up every morning and chickens that would chase you around the farm. I remember walking down the small dirt road to her house where grasshoppers would jump over your head all the way down the road. At the time I didn’t realize how important that time was for me, I will always miss my Grandparents and will remember the time fondly.

Created by Melinda Firestone-White

Colored Pencil & Oil Paint on PAPER

Size:  30x42


Shipping:  FREE USA ONLY